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Women Rights

Government of Pakistan, and Provincial Government of Punjab have introduced and implemented several significant measures to counter gender-based discrimination, violence against women, and promote economic and social empowerment of women. Positive steps have also been taken to encourage and foster women’s participation in the political process and the workforce.

In Punjab, women's rights are protected by the Constitution, and other legislative measures taken by the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.

Constitutional Rights of Women

Article 25 (1) and (2)
25 (1) declares all citizens to be equal before law and entitled to equal protection of law and
25 (2) states that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone.

Article 25 (3)
Allows the State to create special laws and rules for specific issues facing women and children, which are being ignored.

Article 34
Ensures full participation of women in all spheres of national life.

18th Amendment
Devolves most social issues to provinces and gives them responsibility for legislation and initiatives regarding those women’s rights issues that fall within the purview of provinces. 18th Amendment has increased resources to provinces to work on women's empowerment.