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Education Department

Multan is an historical city of Pakistan. It is also known as the city of SAINTS. It is situated on the bank of river chennab, a central place in Pakistan.It has always been existing under the territory of Punjab Govt. since the regime of Mughal Empire. It was the Headquarter of Multan Division before the commencement of District Government Multan District has a distinct status due to the following characteristic:-

a) Peoples:-

i) Local(Saraiki Speaking) They are also the pioneer of the District Multan.

ii) Punjabi:- Migrated from East India during Partition 1947.

iii) Urdu Speaking:- Also migrated from India as well as east Pakistan up till now

District Multan is a beautiful mixture of all kinds of people. It is also a peaceful and lovely place in Pakistan.

b) Languages:-


ii)Punjabi and


c) Business:-

70% to 80% peoples are attached with agriculture directly or indirectly. d) Education:- The Literacy rate of the District Multan is about 45%.