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Bosan Town

Functions & Powers of Town Municipal Administration

The functions and powers of the Town Municipal Administration (under the Section No.54A of Punjab Local Govt. Ordinance 2001) shall be to:-

Prepare spatial plans for the Town in collaboration with Zilal and Union Councils, including plans for land use, zoning and functions for which the Town Municipal Administration is responsible within the framework of the spatial/master plans for the City District
Enforce, In addition to its own, All Municipal Laws for and on behalf of the City District Government, if required by such city District Government at the cost and expense of the latter;
Execute and manage development plans for the functions which are performed by the Town Municipal Administration;
Exercise control over Land use, Land Sub-division, Land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including for agriculture, industry, commerce markets,! shopping and other employment centers, residential, recreation, parks, entertainment, passenger and transport freight and transit stations within the framework of the spatial/master plans for the City District;
Prevent and remove encroachments
Procure and compile information provided by Union, Village Council and Neighborhood Councils of prioritized projects in the Towns.
Prepare budget, long term and annual Municipal Development programmes in collaboration with the Union Council, under the directions of Town Nazim.
Maintain, with the assistance of the City District Government, Union, and Village Council and Neighborhood Councils, a comprehensive database and information system for Town Municipal Administration and provide public access thereto it on nominal charges.
Propose taxes, cesses, user fees, rates, rents tolls, charges, levies, fines and penalties under Part-IV of the Second Schedule for approval of the Town Council and notify the same after such approval;
Collect taxes, cesses, user fees, rates rents, tools charges, fines and penalties.
Organize local sports, cultural and recreational events, fairs and shows.
Organized Cattle fairs and Cattle Markets;
Regulate markets and services and issue licenses, permits, grant permissions and impose penalties for violation thereof as and where applicable.
Manage properties, assets and funds vested in the Town Municipal Administration.
Develop and manage schemes, including site development in collaboration with City District Government and Union Administration.
Provide, manage, operate, maintain and improve the municipal infrastructure and services including-
Water Supply distribution other than integrated systems maintain by or on behalf of the City District;
Sewerage System other than an integrated systems maintained by or on behalf of City District excluding sewerage treatment and disposal;
Solid base collection and conveyance to transfer stations designated by the Town but excluding treatment and disposal of waste;
Street lighting;
Parks, Playgrounds, Open spaces and Arboriculture; Provided that facilities to the maintain by the City District can be modified by the Government; And
Slaughter houses;
Authorize an officer or officers to issue notice to a person committing any Municipal offence and initiate legal proceedings for continuous of commission of such offence or for failure to comply with the direction contained in such notice;
Prosecute, Sue and follow criminal, Civil and recovery proceedings against violations of Municipal Laws;
Maintain Town Municipal Records and archive; And
Prepare financial statements and present them for internal and external audit in the manner as may be prescribed.


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