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Agriculture Department

Transmission of modern crop production technology, Demonstration and training of farmers for the modern techniques, Helping farmers in taking remedial measures against pest attacks, Propagation of pedigree nursery plants of fruits at Govt. farms and monitoring of pesticides to ensure the quality.
To increase fish production in the District., Supervision and inspection of existing fish farms in private sector., Provision of all out extension services (Advisory & Technical nature) in private sector for development of new fish farms on scientific lines., Fish seed distribution/Supply in private sector, Training programme for fish farmers and analysis of soil & water samples for fish farming through fisheries diagnostic laboratories
Treatment of Animals and Poultry, Prophylactic vaccination against contagious diseases, Artificial Insemination Services, Extension Services, Prevention of cruelty to Animals, Meat Inspection and Training to villagers on:
Raising new Forests and scientific management of existing public Forests, Raising and promotion of roadside plantation of local/Distt. Significance, Promotion of social/farm Forestry in private land, Raising of Forest nurseries, Provision of technical and advisory services on matters of a forestation to the people and other Departments in the District.
Water Management
To reduce water losses in watercourse conveyance system by increasing delivery efficiencies through reconstruction/remodeling with complete earthen improvement, partial brick lining, installation of Nakkas construction of culverts, siphons, drops and buffalo wallows through Water User Association on cost sharing basis and to reduce water losses by increasing water use efficiency in the farmer’s fields through precision land leveling by extending technical assistance