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Trump Media stock had a roller-coaster 1st month See it in 4 charts

what is the next meme stock

In the meantime, as case numbers continue to rise, people will need a treatment like Tpoxx. But what might scariest of all is that the company's balance sheet gives no indication that it's putting its cash to work on research and development. The entire EV space (cars and ancillary products/services) is dependent on innovation. With acquisitions as its only weapon, Blink Charging will likely struggle over the long run. Bed Bath & Beyond is seen losing more than $730 million this fiscal year, analysts say, nearly double what it lost last fiscal year.

Blink Charging (BLNK)

what is the next meme stock

Manipulation on investing subreddits is down sharply in the last two weeks, Rehl noted, adding that there's no guarantee that the bad actors are gone for good. The HypeEquity founder listed some tips for spotting the difference between memeification and manipulation before naming which meme stocks have had the most loyal fanbases throughout 2021. However, because their performance is connected to a trend, which could fade away, investors need to be cautious with meme stocks. The healthcare company Clever Health Investments Corp. had the characteristics of a meme stock during the middle of 2021 because of high short interest.

Analysts' Favorite Meme Stocks

To begin with, Reddit investors are often younger, and young people are more likely to demand action be taken to curb climate change. Beyond just pushing away from fossil fuels, ancillary players like Blink Charging will need to step in to help provide the infrastructure for an army of EVs that'll be hitting the roadways in the coming years. First up is electric-vehicle (EV) charging products and services network Blink Charging (BLNK 4.76%). "But while the reward has been demonstrated, these remain high-risk noncore strategies that own lower quality stocks."

Going Into Earnings, Is Palantir Stock a Buy, a Sell, or Fairly Valued?

Another reason to be bullish on MARA stock is tied to mining capacity. However, the company expects to boost capacity to 23EH/s by June. With robust growth in capacity, MARA stock is likely to trend higher. From a financial perspective, Tilray expects all operating business units to be free cash flow positive in fiscal year 2023. The company has already been reporting positive adjusted EBITDA on a sustained basis.

  1. The company also recently acquired PulseVet, which gives the company another revenue-generation opportunity for the company that should start contributing to the company’s revenue in the next few quarters.
  2. Regardless, many meme-stock investors backed AMC stock, as they believed it had potential.
  3. But meme stocks also remain very volatile and risky, and retail investors are likely to be the ones to experience the most losses if it all comes crashing down.

Faisal Humayun is a senior research analyst with 12 years of industry experience in the field of credit research, equity research and financial modeling. Faisal has authored over 1,500 stock specific articles with focus on the technology, energy and commodities sector. One reason to be bullish is an indication by the Senate chairman that the marijuana banking bill is heading to a committee vote within the coming weeks.

As more and more shares are sold short in this way, there are fewer shares left available to borrow. Once a stock becomes hard to borrow, even the most motivated short seller may be unable to do so. If you're thinking about buying and selling meme stocks, keep in mind that you will probably have to pay taxes on your profits. Capital gains tax rates are especially high on stocks you held for less than a year. The eye-popping gains have inspired legions of hopeful successors to the original meme stocks, and sifting through the noise of online stock manipulation has never been harder.

They're "not a bad person, they're just in a bad spot," he added. Stock manipulation on Reddit surged in May, Rehl said, adding that it took time for spammers and bots to learn the intricacies of investing subreddits' rules and find loopholes. Reddit's WallStreetBets page bans users that post "false or misleading information" and promoters of "any other worthless securities that are susceptible to scams or pump & dump schemes." He said the publicity around the former president’s ongoing criminal trial in New York over a “hush money” payment to porn star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election could be a boon for Trump Media’s stock price. Trump has long denied any wrongdoing and allegations of an affair with Daniels. The stock continued to free-fall over the course of several weeks, shedding billions of dollars from its market value.

They allow people to rapidly spread humorous, interesting, or sarcastic videos, images, or posts to others around the world. The rapid and multiplicative effect of sharing such posts could make them go viral. Investing in a single stock usually carries more risk than investing the same amount of money in several different stocks. Diversification across multiple investments helps buoy your portfolio in case one investment sinks.

Most of the time, the investing rationale behind meme stocks doesn’t have anything to do with business fundamentals. Simply put, meme stocks skyrocket in price in a short period (often hours or days) because of a sudden surge in interest online or on social media and subsequent buying among small individual investors. These short-term surges can often reverse course just as quickly, though, making meme stocks far more volatile than average stock market moves. Meme stocks became all the rage among retail investors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meme stocks are created when a company's shares catch fire with individual investors on social media platforms such as Reddit and quickly skyrocket in price. But, as many traditional investors and analysts point out, these viral stocks can be very risky since they rely on high interest from small investors to sustain the stock prices' liftoff "to the moon."

However, if monkeypox proves more controllable and less dangerous, shares of Siga could end up falling soon. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn't fully approved any treatments for monkeypox, and so even this limited approval for Tpoxx has given the companya big advantage. Danish biotech company Bavarian Nordic does have a vaccine, Jynneos, that the FDA has cleared for Emergency Use Authorization in high-risk individuals. But the problem is that supplies are limited and the U.S. government is stretching the doses into fifths by using intradermal injections, which go under the skin, so that it can administer the vaccine to more people.

Despite no shortage of headlines about the economic reopening, generous fiscal stimulus packages, and the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, meme stocks have stolen the spotlight in the investing world this year. The incredible surge of GME stock last year, which took its shares from around $4 in mid-2020 to more than $480 per share in January 2021, was one of the most incredible near-term short squeezes I’ve ever seen. Indeed, GameStop’s parabolic surge really was something to behold. For those looking for the next big meme stock, there are certain stocks worth watching. Here are three top meme stocks I think are worthy of being kept on  watchs list right now, even for investors who don’t necessarily want to step into the fray now. NVIDIA stock’s popularity skyrocketed and traded like a meme stock during the last quarter of 2021.

The retailer is predicted to lose $99 million this fiscal year and $88 million next fiscal year. AMC's losses are at least shrinking, to just $29 million this year, but the theater chain is expected to be in the red annually until at least 2025. Shares of the struggling home goods retailer are up nearly 400% since July. And that tops the 193% rise of Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), which is the top-performing stock in the ETF.

These could include those in the rural areas, the company’s target market. Second, the company could end up making money through its health platform. AMC is a notable meme stock and the world’s largest theater chain, with over 600 theaters in the United States alone. Its massive debt and the pandemic brought it to the brink of chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not only has Siga's share price been rising, but its trading volume is also significantly higher. Not only is Siga's share price up, but trading volumes are through the roof.

If the coming quarter results reaffirm this target, BLNK stock is likely to surge. For most investors, the stock is likely too risky to take a chance on today. Unless you have an extremely high risk tolerance and are comfortable with significant volatility, this isn't a stock you should consider adding to your portfolio. The challenge is guessing how long this trend will last, as investors are effectively betting on how much of a problem monkeypox will be for the world. If it becomes another COVID, the healthcare stock could end up following in the footsteps of Moderna.

And while some people may long to have their BlackBerry, the larger story of the company had to do with the safety and security that was built into the product. Siga's sales rose 92% year over year to $16.7 million for the period ending June 30 after an influx of orders for Tpoxx. The Motley Fool recommends Dave & Busters Entertainment and Intercept Pharmaceuticals.

NerdWallet does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy or applicability of any information in regard to your individual circumstances. Examples are hypothetical, and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific investment issues. Our estimates are based on past market performance, and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. In any case, I’d certainly recommend considering buying MSFT stock now . I’ve been interested in the shares for some time, and I may pull the trigger on it soon. All indications are that the GME fan base remains as strong as ever.

After the GameStop incident, some hedge funds suffered significant financial losses, while some retail investors made millions. Other meme stocks emerged after GameStop, some with varying degrees of success. On the other hand, if you’re a believer in the speculative nature of the meme stock movement, then there bdswiss review are few stocks that bear it out more than WISH stock. And the analyst community gives the company a share price of over $11. The action is typically driven by members of online forums like Reddit and social media users, who sometimes make and share memes to promote and build momentum around the stock's rally.

And one thing you can say about owning TSLA is that there’s never a dull moment. After the stock climbed to over $1,200 a share this year, it’s down to around $930, and that still has rewarded investors to the tune of a 32% gain for the year. These are each companies with average to solid business fundamentals, and catalysts that could lead to these stocks skyrocketing within the next year. At the start of the year, it was common to see fewer than 200,000 shares of the stock change hands each day. The drastic increase suggests significant momentum behind the stock and that it has become extremely popular with retail investors.

what is the next meme stock

In November 2020, it became public knowledge Cohen owned a 10% share in the company. By closing two days later, the value doubled; an 8x increase from the price at the time of Cohen’s and Gill’s previous posts. Even with meme stocks, the old adage, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," still rings true. The good news is that meme stocks come from all nooks and crannies of the stock market, so it's possible to build a diversified portfolio of holdings that can catch a tailwind from various places.

The Clover Assistant uses AI and predictive analysis to give doctors actionable patient care information that will drive better health outcomes. And that’s why, if you’re looking to buy the stock in 2022, you’ll want to look at their cybersecurity offerings that currently accounts for approximately two-thirds of BlackBerry’s revenue. Between AMC’s move into the non-fungible token (NFT) space and its willingness to accept some forms of cryptocurrency, the retail crowd believes there’s an emerging growth story for AMC stock.

NVIDIA has been on a solid run lately, and it has maintained its momentum for over a year, so you might want to start your search here. There are also “secondary” meme stocks, like Tesla and Bed Bath and Beyond. Read along to find out our answers to the most commonly asked questions about meme stocks. Meme stocks are hard to predict, so it’s difficult to pin down one that could be the next GME. Many have benefited from short-interest trading and investors who wanted to earn big bucks fast. Tesla has become a favorite among retail traders for many reasons, some of which have nothing to do with its earnings.

And with $16.1 billion of cash on hand, the company has the balance sheet to invest in future expansion and innovation. I’ve long felt that TSLA stock is valued the way it is because investors view it as a technology play more than an electric vehicle (EV) play. However, it would seem that the company’s immediate fortunes will depend on its EV business, which should be a catalyst in 2022. I’ve followed Zomedica for most of 2021 and thought it was miscast as a meme stock. But in the first two months of 2021, it soared to over $2 a share. One stock that has been showing signs that it could be the next big meme stock is SIGA Technologies (SIGA 1.74%).

That said, the number of retail investors who are interested in Microsoft and other mega-cap stocks is likely to increase meaningfully. That’s because, as stocks’ valuations come down, the share prices of many companies,  including Microsoft, have fallen meaningfully, making these names more attractive to many retail investors. Like GameStop, NOK stock jumped  by an incredible amount in early 2021. Many retailer investors became interested in Nokia because of the high number of its shares that were being sold short by institutional investors and hedge funds. But it’s also not doing anything that justifies a stock price that at one point was over $35 a share in 2021.

The word "meme," from the ancient Greek word "mimema" -- meaning imitation -- is used to describe information that is imitated and often spread via pop culture references on social media. Thus, a meme stock is a shared investing idea imitated by other investors. While it is possible to make money with meme stocks, it is an extremely risky venture. Meme stock investing relies on trying to time the market, which humans, even those professionally trained, are notoriously bad at. It also depends on knowing which stocks will pop and which won't — which is essentially impossible.

MEME features an equal-weighted portfolio of 25 stocks based on social media popularity and market sentiment. The top 25 such firms are included in the portfolio, which is re-examined and rebalanced twice a month. A meme stock refers to the shares of a company that have gained viral popularity due to heightened social sentiment. This social sentiment is usually due to activity online, particularly on social media platforms. These online communities can dedicate heavy research and resources toward a particular stock. Meme stocks often have heavier discourse and analysis in discussion threads on websites like Reddit and posts to followers on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook.

What looked unsustainable nine months ago is proving to have staying power. Retail investors continue to identify their favorite stocks and drive up the price. By definition, investing in meme stocks is incredibly risky, and poorly-timed trades can lead to massive losses. Critics have said the practice creates "false markets" and reflects how the market is broken. Small-time traders flipped the script on hedge funds by driving the price of the heavily shorted shares up, forcing the bears to close their positions by buying back borrowed shares, which perpetuated the cycle.

But stocks that meet the above criteria can be considered meme stocks without having a big online following. GameStop's stock price then surged due to a massive short squeeze affecting some major hedge funds that were short the stock and forced to sell to cut losses. As mentioned above, the stock price went from less than $5 a share to $325 (by January 2021) in less than six months. Meme stocks have been a boon to investors, day traders, and brokerage platforms but companies have also capitalized on the meme stock phenomenon. This raised more than $1.5 billion in the first quarter (Q1) from voracious meme stock buyers.

First of all, retail traders are big fans of left-for-dead turnaround stocks in the wake of the pandemic. There were serious concerns last year that Dave & Buster's might not survive. But more than a year after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, things look to be perking up. While some thought that the meme stock craze would be short-lived, the phenomenon remains in force months later. Meme stock communities pumped the brick-and-mortar retailer Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) to extreme levels in the summer of 2022 when it was up 314% for a short period before crashing back down.

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